New Blush
  • New MATTA Fucsia Blush
  • New MATTA Fucsia Blush
  • New MATTA Fucsia Blush

July 5, 2022

New MATTA Fucsia Blush

We release 1 new product in MATTA.
A lovely Fucsia blush.
Come by our MATTA Pop-up store and ask for advise for which one is best for your particular skin tone.
You will be impressed on the effect and long-lasting capability.
As all our products at MATTA, it is organic, natural & bio !!

New Product
  • New product

June 21, 2022

This week we release 2 new products in MATTA. Yellow and green correctors

Green corrector for neutralising the redness caused by conditions like rosacea or acne and to correct bluish under eye circles.
For purple blemish and brownish dark circles use our yellow corrector.
Come by MATTA store and ask for advise for the best one for your particular case. You will be impressed on the effect.

And…they are all organic and Bio!!!! As all our products in MATTA.

  • who is behind MATTA
  • who is behind MATTA

June 13, 2022

Who is Behind MATTA?

Behind MATTA is a group of solid European experienced companies that are the developers and producers of our products. These companies have been working for more than 30 years in catering to internationally leading brands in luxury cosmetics and fragrances.

In 2021 we decided to found our very own, natural makeup brand with our own concept and casing – this is MATTA Barcelona.

  • What is so special about our products

May 29, 2022

What is so special about our products?

All our products are produced in Europe (mainly in Spain and France) and designed to be used everyday, using highest grade, recyclable aluminum and natural ingredients only.
All our make-up is Bio, Natural and, most of them Vegan.
Our own, clever and patented lipstick designs allow you to recharge your lipstick – as many times as you want.

  • Best seller
  • Best seller

May 26, 2022

Best Sellers

It is time to have our best selling finishes in all the available models.
Which one will you choose? We make it easier for you. Come by MATTA Pop-up and choose your favourite.
All our best sellers at the same fair price.

  • Our new PoS table top displays
  • Our new PoS table top displays

May 20, 2022

Our new PoS displays

We are working on prototypes for new displays. We bring MATTA to you. MATTA 500 – our new project coming soon !!!

  • how to use matta lipstick
  • how to use matta lipstick
  • how to use matta lipstick
  • how to use matta lipstick
  • how to use matta lipstick

May 14, 2022

How to use our MATTA Lipstick?

All MATTA products are rechargeable. This means that you can use any colour on any case and change it indefinitely. You can switch your lipstick bars into your favorite casing according to your outfit.
We will tell you all about it.

  • store pop up
  • store pop up
  • store pop up

May 13, 2022

Collaborations are Welcome!!!

At our MATTA Pop-up we keep on receiving visits from potential collaborators. It is a pleasure hearing about your ideas and your suggestions. We do consider helping you to bring some of these ideas forward.

Thank you for being part of our MATTA way!

New Collections
  • collection big mix
  • collection chica & chic
  • collection macaroons
  • collection mini fantasy

May 7, 2022

This time we have hectic collections. Greet the Spring-Summer with new colours and new shapes.

MACAROONS, BIG MIX, CHICA & CHIC and MINI FANTASY are our new collections on store.
Come and share with us your creativity and create your own colour palette.



Goodbye face masks

April 23, 2022

Goodbye face masks and Hello MATTA smiles!!

Finally the use of face masks in commercial centers in no longer mandatory and we couldn’t be happier !!!
We are waiting for you at our MATTA Pop-Up store to try-out all our lipstick shades and outstanding cases.
Find your lipstick shade in the safest way with our disposable brushes.

mothers day

April 23, 2022

For all the Mothers around the world: Happy Mothers Day with MATTA!!!

MATTA celebrates this special day with all the mothers around the world. Bring them a smile with MATTA. We have a special gift for those who want to share some thoughts and feelings about your mother.

Testing new eye shadow colours

April 8, 2022

New products are coming soon ! We are testing the colours for our new eye shadows.

MATTA continues to work on its growing product portfolio. Now it is time for the eye shadows. Inspired by international trends, we are choosing vibrant and iridescent colours that will complete your look for this spring summer. We are all testing them and… loving them.

New Collections
  • Collection Lolita
  • Collection check matta
  • Collection Naif
  • Collection Big Mix

April 6, 2022

New colourful collections are now in store!

4 new collections are now on display at our MATTA Pop-Up Store. PASSIONATE, SENSUAL, NAIF and GALACTICAL are few of our inspirations.

There is a look for every moment.

There is a lipstick for everyone.

try the product

April 1, 2022

Come to MATTA, create a lipstick and Make-it-yours!!

At our pop-up you have a degree of personalisation options for your lipstick.
Mix and match some casing parts to create your own product that fits your personality and the look you are wearing today.
Come and share with the MATTA team your perfect look and make the MATTA lipstick yours !

March 27, 2022

Diversity and personalisation is our main focus

If you like constant changes, you are the perfect candidate to visit the MATTA Pop-up store, in Barcelona. A space that combines visual dynamism and basic design that is enriched by colour. Experience our exponential possibility of design and combinations.

Just come in and check it out yourself!


March 21, 2022

REFILLABLE – All our MATTA products are designed to be recharged

Choose your refill and recharge your case as many times as you want. You can also change your refill colour and match it with today’s look. Drop by our Pop-Up Shop and buy a set of 3 lipstick refills for an attractive price.

New Collections

February 19, 2022

We have new collections in store! Come and visit us at MATTA Pop-up

Now it is time to share with you some more classical collections (such as HEAVEN and SHINE BRIGHT).

For the most irreverent we can propose the PINK FLAMINGO and the AFRODITA.

flash sales

February 18, 2022

MATTA goes on Sale!

Arq you unable to pick up the right lipstick case for you? That’s right, they are all gorgeous !!!
Now it’s your chance to buy several items for a reduced price.
Most of our models are on sale. MATTA keeps quality in every action we make.

Valentine's Day
  • valentine day
  • valentine day
  • valentine day

February 1, 2022

MATTA’s first Valentine’s day – Love is all that MATTA’s

A Perfect gift for a Perfect day. MATTA creates a prize for lovers. Inclusivity, because lipsticks and make-up are for everyone.

January 16, 2022

MATTA establishes a collaboration with Diff Hair Salon

MATTA establishes a collaboration with Diff Hair Designers on a Beta testing phase in order to assess the new products functionality. Diff Hair designers tests MATTA products first hand in Oporto and allow their clients to be the first to use MATTA lipsticks.